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My Story

I hate projects. I really do. The problem is that I’m obsessed with the results. It is so incredibly satisfying to see an idea come to life—from a concept in my mind to a real-life tangible result. And with that exhilaration comes an immediate project amnesia. 

Forgotten are all the frustrations, delays, and blown budgets. Gone is the irritation of a disrupted, chaotic house. How quickly we forget the countless trips to the hardware store, the lost and/or broken shipments, the materials that just don’t look good once they’re actually in the space. The project that was supposed to take a week ends up at three because we forget to factor in life. Saturdays spent shuttling kids to sports and birthday parties (or heaven forbid, one kid gets sick and then the germ slowly hunts the rest of the family until it has taken us all out for days on end) leave very little time for the actual completion of a project. And this amnesia happens every single time.

To make matters worse, my husband is extremely handy. If I came to him with a project idea and he said, “I don’t know how to do that,” I would abandon the thought and move on because I don’t have the technical skills to complete most of the projects myself and I’m far too cheap to hire someone for something minor. But when I show my husband idea boards and he says, “Ok, pick out the materials,” I become my own worst enemy. It’s only after there’s an attractive hole in the wall and a pile of materials conveniently stacked in the living room that I remember how much I hate projects. But it’s too late—I have no one to blame but myself…until it’s finished and then I’m overjoyed with an extreme sense of satisfaction (and gratitude for all my husband’s time and hard work). And so the cycle continues. That, friends, is why I hate projects. 


I’m a mama, a wife, and a writer. I’ve been told I have an old soul (a nice way of saying my hobbies were popular in the 1800s). I love to crochet, sew (but just once a year for our family Halloween costumes), and you guessed it—plan projects. I adore good food, shopping locally (and online if I’m being honest), traveling and playing games. Thanks for reading about our projects, and may yours give you far fewer headaches than mine!

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